As of September 15, 2005, I am officially retired and living on social security. Please return to the home page and donate toward my retirement fund. Any donation would be much appreciated.
I was instructed to stop working by my doctor because of my medical condition. I have what is called Myleodysplasia Syndrome. It is a condition of the bone marrow where the bone marrow stops making blood. I was diagnosed on May 15, but continued to work as long as I could. In the meantime, I have received numerous blood transfusions to keep up my blood level. I had a stem cell transplant in late November 2015 at the City Of Hope Hospital. Afterwards, I was hospitalized for 3 months. After release from the hospital, I recovered at home in isolation. 

I will continue to answer your calls on the (562)889-0920: my cell phone. Please feel free to call me with your service problems, and I will refer you to a service facility in your area that can take care of your automotive needs. MAKE SURE YOU TELL THEM THAT HONDA BOB SENT YOU.

I will be selling the service manuals. Call for availability of the manual for your car.  They are priced to sell.

If you have any ideas concerning automobiles or Honda Powered Cars in particular that you would like to know about, please feel free to send me a comment from the contact page above…