What a mess!!

Repaired and Returned without the Operating System!

Repaired and Returned without the Operating System!

I am writing this on my restored computer. I say “restored” because I had to restore the operating system myself after a simple repair on my computer.

On June 13, 2009, I brought my 15 month old Sony Vaio laptop computer (purchased as an open box item, with no accompanying disks, with a 2 year warranty) to be repaired. The problem with the computer was that the screen was blanking out occasionally. I filled out the forms and left the computer with the representative.

Four weeks later I received a call that the computer was repaired and ready to be picked up. I went to the store to pick up my computer and was told that it had not arrived from the repair facility yet. After another two weeks, they finally called informing me of my computer arrival. I went back to the store and inquired how the repairs were performed on the computer. I was told that the screen and hinges were replaced as well as the HARD DRIVE. I was shocked! I was having no problems whatever with the hard drive. I asked if I could have the old hard drive back so that I could recover sensitive encrypted customer information, and was informed that the drive had already been destroyed. When I open the computer and turned it on, I got another shock:  a message that said: NO OPERATION SYSTEM FOUND. I insisted that the store install the Windows Vista that the computer came with, but they refused. I insisted to higher management, but to no avail. I left the store very upset, with a useless computer and a lot of lost information.

I run a business off of this computer. I am the sole employee of my business and I depended on that sensitive information to service my customer’s vehicles. Some of this information is not replaceable. I do run backups on a regular basis, but the last backup was 3 weeks before the computer was sent in for repair. I had no idea that repairing the screen involved replacing the hard drive.

If I had been informed that the hard drive was going to be replaced, I would have postponed the replacement until I could have run a full backup and create recovery disks. I was forced to buy a full version of the operating system, install that, as well as all the subsequent updates. I then installed my other software and configured that.

Since I was not informed of the replacement, I am left with gaps in my customer information database. I had have had to go back through all the invoices that I had written since June 21, 2009 and input them again into my customer files. Some of the pictures of the new customers are gone forever.

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