Storage Auction

A couple months ago I got a call from a customer who works for one of those multiple storage unit places. He calls me when they plan to have an auction for spaces whose owners have defaulted on the rent. They are required to try and contact the renter for 6 months before they are allowed to auction off the contents of the storage areas.

Well, I show up with about 6 other people to look at the contents of several storage area units. I say look, because we were not allowed to touch anything in the units until someone wins the auction for that unit. We were going down the hall bidding on several units when we came up on a unit filled with boxes of what looked like printer paper. It looked like pretty old paper because it was the paper with the holes on each side. I’m not even sure if they still make printers for this paper, so I didn’t bid. A lady bid $50 and no one else bidded, so she got it for $50.

We all moved on the the next space open for bidding when we heard her scream. We all went back expecting her to find a rat or something in a box, but when we got back to her space, we all gasped. The boxes, apparently all of them were filled to capacity with CASH. Hundreds and hundreds of $20 bills, all loose in each box. She immediately called her husband to drop whatever he was doing and come down with a truck for all the boxes. By the time we left, she and her husband had loaded 46 boxes of money into a U-haul truck.

The customer who had worked there told me about a week later that the previous renter of the space had died in jail and was a convicted gun runner with no living relatives. The lady called him back with the final total of $1,250,000 in cash.

From then on, I go to every auction!

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