Door Locks

Remember that darn lock!

Remember to lock it!

Several years ago I had a customer who had a 1989 Honda Accord Special Edition. She had called me up to replace her drivers window. It had gotten broken when someone tried to break into it.

Well, a couple days later, I went out to her location and proceeded to replace the window. After vacuuming up the broken glass inside the car and inside the door, I began to reassemble the door. I finished the job and left.

The next morning I got a call from the customer stating that the door locks didn’t work. She told me in no uncertain terms how difficult it was to crawl out the window.

Surprised, I asked her what was wrong with her finger? Puzzled, she answered nothing was wrong with her finger. she just couldn’t open the door from the inside.

I told her that she could just push up on the lock button to unlock the doors. She said she had never thought of that. She thought that the only way to get out of the car was to crawl out the open window, open the door, put up the window and close and lock the door.

She had crawled out the window 3 times. This lady was 60 years old!

I went out the next day and hooked up the single wire that operates the door locks (that I had forgotten to hook up). Now, every time I work on her car, she insists that check that the door locks are operating properly.

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