Several years ago a customer called me and said that his car was dying every time he stopped at a red light. I went out to his work in Montebello. He happened to be a principal of an elementary school.

After checking out the car, I determined that the carburetor was broken and needed to be replaced. I told him so and he said to go ahead and take it off and match it with a rebuilt unit because he only lived a couple blocks away and he could walk home.

I proceeded to remove the carburetor and left. The next day I got a call from him saying that the car had caught fire. He intended to go on an errand with his car at lunchtime. He jumped into his car and started cranking. Well, after a minute or two he remembered that I had taken off the carburetor the day before.

He then got out of the car a smelled a very strong odor of gasoline. As soon as he closed the door the car burst into flame. The whole time the ignition switch was on, it was pumping gasoline out onto the ground. I guess it didn’t take much to set it off. The car was a total loss.

If you know anyone that needs a carburetor for a 1989 Honda Accord, would you let me know. I still have it. Now, when I do a job like this, I disconnect the battery.

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