Air Horn Revenge…

Last week, the wife and I decided to splurge on breakfast for a change and decided to get breakfast at McDonalds.
While she stayed in bed, I went to the local McDonalds and got in line with two cars behind me.

This particular McDonalds has an alley that crosses the drive thru lane.Well, I was waiting at the alley for the car ahead to move up when a guy in a Humvee pulled in front of me in the line from the alley. I got out of my car and went over to the Humvee and tapped on the window saying that the end of the line was back there behind the two cars behind me. He totally ignored me. He would learn to regret his cut in line.
I went back to my car and waited until he pulled up to the speaker to order. After the voice came over the intercom asking for his order, I laid on that air horn. Everytime he tried to say something, I blew the air horn again. After about five tries, he just pulls up in the line without ordering. When he gets to the first window he tries to give the lady his order, that’s when I blow that air horn again. Every time he tries to say something, I blow that air horn.  Finally, he gives up and drives away. When I get up to the window, I explain that he cut in front of three people in the line. She just started laughing at my solution to his action. When I pulled out out to leave after getting our breakfast, I look over at the line and see him back in line, waiting between two cars.
I laughed all the way home.