A Kind and Friendly Gesture

This story begins over 35 years ago while I was in the Air Force. It was Christmas time 1972 and I was going home on leave for the holidays. That winter was especially cold and rainy in southern Texas. I took off on my motorcycle about 5 o’clock on the Friday before Christmas, on my way to Eunice, Louisiana, my hometown. By midnight I was just getting into San Antonio, Texas and I was FREEZING!

Lo and Behold

Lo and Behold

I pulled over to the side of the road to try and warm up my freezing hands on my exhaust pipes before proceeding. Soon a San Antonio Sheriff patrol car pulled up behind me. He got out and asked if I needed a tow truck, when I told him I was just trying to warm my hands on the exhaust pipe.

He told me to come in and have a seat in the passenger seat of his cruiser and warm up for a little while. Well, I jumped at the chance to warm up. We sat there talking for about half an hour. He told me that he used to be a motor officer, so he KNEW what I was feeling like. Warmed up by his cruiser heater, I continued on my way, but never forgot his kind and friendly gesture.

Toward the end of February 2007, I took an emergency road trip back to Louisiana to help my mother care for my ailing father. On the way back my return trip took me through San Antonio. It was 6 AM, and I had just left the rest stop where I had spent the night, when I saw an inviting sight . . . a DENNY’S restaurant!

I went in and happened to sit next to two San Antonio Sheriff Deputies eating breakfast. I finished my breakfast and went up to pay the bill. Remembering back to what had happened 35 years ago, I asked the cashier to include their bill with mine. She just smiled and gave me the change from my $20 bill. I looked at the receipt and the change due was $9.11!

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