Power Windows

Window motor and regulator, door glass and window switches


Components of the Power Windows

Did you ever wonder how the power windows work?  Let me explain it to you.

The components of the power windows consist of:

  • Window motor
  • Window regulator
  • Glass run channel
  • Window switches

When you press on the window switch in the down position, battery voltage is supplied to the WINDOW MOTOR to open the window. When you press the WINDOW SWITCH in the up position, battery voltage is supplied to the motor in the reverse direction. Most vehicles have an automatic function on the drivers door only that allows the window to fully retract into the door if the switch is pressed down to the second detent. The window follows a track in the door to stabilize the window in any position. The track is lined with the GLASS RUN CHANNEL to keep the window insulated from vibration to allow a smooth operation in any circumstance. When the window is in the up position, it seals the inside of the vehicle from noise, wind and rain.

Beginning in 2006, all window switches are designed to be pulled up to close to prevent children or pets from accidentally closing the windows.

If battery voltage drops below 9 volts DC, the computer controlling the window function looses its memory of what to do with the second click of the window switch. All you need to do is teach the computer what you want it to do. Press and HOLD the window switch until the window reached it full travel without stopping, holding the switch until the switch clicks, usually about 2 seconds. Do the same for the UP function as necessary.

The window in the rear doors of most cars retracts only partially into the door due to the shape of the rear doors.

The GLASS RUN CHANNEL sometimes becomes worn to the point that the window is very slow to retract or fails to retract or raise at all. When this happens the run channel must be replaced as soon as possible to avoid damaging the window motor or the window regulator. A properly adjusted power window will last the life of the vehicle. During servicing of the vehicle, this is one of the points of inspection that must not be overlooked.

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