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Honda Navigation System

Honda Navigation System

Did you ever get lost?  Let me explain how the GPS system works.

The components of the Satellite Navigation system consist of:

  • Global Positioning Satellite (GPS) Antenna
  • Voice Control Switch
  • Microphone
  • Navigation Touch Screen
  • Navigation control unit
  • Speed Sensor
  • Yaw Sensors

The navigation system is a method of identifying and locating points on the surface of the earth. The GPS receiver antenna receives signals from a network of 24 orbiting satellites. From the signals received from several of these orbiting satellites, the GPS unit determines the location and speed of the vehicle to within 20 feet. Signals are also received from the SPEED SENSOR (which determine the speed of the vehicle) and the YAW SENSORS (which detect the direction the vehicle is aligned) inside the NAVIGATION CONTROL UNIT. By relying on both the satellite signals and speed and yaw data, the GPS unit can determine the location and speed of the vehicle at any time, even if one signal is missing.

By calculating the position of the vehicle and the desired destination, the navigation unit can determine the best route to travel to get you there. As you travel to your destination, the system provides both audio and visual information for moment-by-moment driving instructions.

The NAVIGATION TOUCH SCREEN receives commands by touching various parts of the screen itself. Touching the screen relays a signal to the NAVIGATION CONTROL UNIT to direct the response.

The navigation system can also respond to VOICE COMMANDS when the button on the steering wheel is depressed. The MICROPHONE on the ceiling receives voice inputs and responds. When the navigation system is giving direction, the front speakers are muted. When the talk button is depressed, all the speakers are muted, except the entertainment system headphones in the rear.

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