VCM Variable Cylinder Management system

Increase Mileage on a V6 Engine

Did you ever wonder how the Variable Cylinder Management system works? Let me explain it to you…

The VCM System consists of the following:

  • i-VTEC Valve
  • Throttle
  • Intake and Exhaust Valves
  • Oil Pressure
  • Active Control Engine Mount System

The Variable Cylinder Management system uses the i-VTEC (intelligent variable valve timing and lift electric control system) valve to vary the opening of the INTAKE AND EXHAUST VALVES on the rear three cylinders of a Honda V6 engine under certain circumstances. The opening of the i-VTEC valve is dependent on OIL PRESSURE and engine speed. The system works soon after cruising speed has been achieved. When the system activates, all the valves remain closed in the rear three cylinders. The valves don’t open to compress air inside the cylinder, reducing engine frictional drag, increasing mileage considerably. During deceleration (throttle closed) the fuel is momentarily cut off as well. As soon as the THROTTLE is opened again, the i-VTEC valve restores full operation and fuel is restored to all cylinders for maximum performance.

The ACTIVE CONTROL ENGINE MOUNT SYSTEM eliminates any engine vibration resulting from the loss of the three cylinders by using liquid filled engine mounts that absorb vibration, as well as front and rear engine mounts that contain an actuator that produces a counter or reverse vibration to cancel engine vibration at all times.

And that’s the way the Variable Cylinder Management system works.

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