About Me

Hello, I’m Honda Bob.

I am originally from Eunice, Louisiana, where I graduated high school. I worked various jobs before enlisting into the Air Force in 1970, where I was trained as an aircraft electrician and completed several correspondence courses in electronics. While I was in the military, I worked part time at the local Yamaha motorcycle shop as a mechanic. The shop expanded first to Honda motorcycles, then to Honda cars. I volunteered to work as the sole mechanic on the Honda cars. There I gained the experience of working on Honda cars for the first time. After working on Honda cars for about three months, I realized how well they were manufactured, and for the first time in my life I was seriously considering buying one of these “small foreign cars” to replace my motorcycle.

In late 1973, I bought a new 1974 Civic with all the available options (none). For two years I drove this car hard between my duty station and home almost every month, a distance of about 600 miles one way. The car performed flawlessly. I became aware of how important maintenance was, because while working at the dealership, I saw problems related to lack of maintenance that could have been prevented. The whole time I had that car, I followed the manufacturers’ recommendations for maintenance intervals. As hard as I was driving that car, It never failed! When I finally traded it in on a 76 Accord, the 1974 Civic had over 100,000 miles on it, and it was still running perfectly. I have been driving Honda cars ever since, because I KNOW that they are the best cars on the road!

When I completed my military obligation in late 1974, I decided to come to California and work in the Honda service area. Various Honda dealerships in the Southern California area employed me. During that time, I went to the Honda training facility in Gardena, California, several times. There I learned about various components on Honda cars. While working at the various dealerships, I learned much about how to run a business. I also learned that customer satisfaction is paramount since customer satisfaction guarantees repeat business. I try very hard to keep you, the customer, satisfied, no matter what it takes.

After working at dealerships for several years, I began to realize that the dealership was not the place to get the best service possible for Honda cars. So, in June of 1979, I felt that I could do a better job of serving customers needs than the dealership. So, HDABOB’s Mobile Service was born. I saw the need for someone to service a customer’s Honda powered automobile professionally, quickly and conveniently at his or her home or office. To do this, I have equipped a 2011 Honda Pilot with the best equipment possible for complete service of all systems relating to Honda powered automobiles. My service vehicle serves to carry out any services quickly, quietly and  as cleanly as possible at any location. I have no multimillion dollar inventory because I buy the parts every day for the cars I’m working on today!  I don’t depend on selling you expensive parts to break even. I give you the best price that I can.

Dealerships seem to operate on the assumption that another customer will always come in, so repeat business is not an issue. Repeat business IS very important to me. Since I have an unlisted phone number, referrals are very important to me. I appreciate all referrals that I get from you. I also keep detailed records of every car I work on, By doing this I can identify problems early by cross-referencing the VIN number or the engine number with any service bulletins. I also give you, the customer, a computer generated, updated copy of all previous services performed by me on the vehicle.

I have always sought to learn all that I could about Hondas. I continue to expand my knowledge of new Honda powered cars by reading any and all material about the new cars as well as any service bulletins I can get my hands on. The business practices that I employ have been proven over time to work and work well. I will continue to pursue ways of doing things better as long as I am working for you. I will always welcome any suggestions to make things better.

I feel that my customers are my friends, and if I treat them like friends, they will be customers for a lifetime.

You, the customer assures quality control, while you observe and ask questions.

The only dumb question is the one you don’t ask!

Any suggestions, questions or comments are welcome and invited.

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