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Who am I and What is HDABOB's Mobile Service
What to do when Service is due
What makes the Engine tick
What is a Hybrid
How the engine breathes
What keeps the engine lubricated
Fuel Injection system
Certified Natural Gas
What starts the Fire
What keeps the fire burning
Where the Battery power comes from and goes
What stops it
What stops it Better
What keeps it cool
What makes it go
What makes it go...faster
What keeps YOU cool
What makes the Steering easier
What makes for a smooth ride
Safety First
Basic entertainment
Better basic entertainment
Much better basic entertainment
An open and shut case
Where the heck are we
Interesting Travel Stories
Air Support


What happens when something goes wrong?

Why aren't we moving?

What is that leak and what to do about it?

What is that noise and what to do about it?

What!  A flat tire?


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