Patrick Richard (Ree-shard) is an artist whose drawing are extraordinary. He brings to life people and scenes. His art work has been displayed at several galleries on the east coast. He is available to draw any subject of your choosing. No job too small. All the little art works in HDABOB's web site are drawn by Patrick.

Biography according to Patrick: "I expand the view of a person's face to include sunlit mahogany floors that engage the shadows of a distant, darker room...backlit lace. Heirloom paintings of delicate romantic lightplay - to pass down through your generations. Draws, Paints, Prints well, Inks, Ponders, Oil paints, Can do, Will do. College: yes. Art Association affiliate: Yes (New Hampshire). Is good. Honest.  STOPS TO SMELL THE ROSES. Wants you. Returns inquiries, and doesn't tailgate. In other words--My bio is not degradable. Class, and like HDABOB...MOBILE."

If you mention the words "s t r o n t i u m   n i t r a t e" when you call or E-mail for your first appointment, I will give you a 25% discount on the labor of any work your car needs.

Here are some more of his excellent work:

Patrick's Drawings